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How To Make Date Night Hot & Sexy

Intimacy and Relationship coach, TRACY ZIMAN JACOBS, shares her pearls of wisdom on how to keep your relationship alive and kicking! HOW MANY TIMES IS ENOUGH?…
May 14, 2018

The Intimacy Curve

Up to 30 years old
Between 30 & 50 years old
From 50 years & above

Learning Intimacy


Younger couples and individuals, between the ages of 18-30, begin to learn how to negotiate new relationships as they discover themselves as sexual beings. In the beginning of a budding relationship, the affair is intense, and sexual experiences should be high and uninhibited. The couple discover intimacy whilst exploring and understanding each other.

Lack of time for intimacy


This stage continues between the ages of 30-50, as the couple move into a stage of permanence and eventually marriage. The family begins to grow, and transit into a stage of life filled with challenges and stresses that may threaten the stability of the family unit. Intimacy may be lost completely, and couples struggle to find the time or desire to reconnect.


Intimacy lost


The ’empty nest’ syndrome has begun to sink in as children leave the home. Couples, at this stage, may begin to face other challenges such as looming retirement, menopause, changes in health status, or simply bad habits have become entrenched in the relationship and the couple face completely new challenges as they get to know each other again as individuals who may have  simply “grown apart”.


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offers a free initial 30-minute consultation for you to explore if Intimacy Therapy is for you.

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